The Advantages Of Solid Wood Bookcases

What are great ideas that can be achieved with a wood bookcase? There are few pieces of furniture that you can add to a room that have the versatility of solid wood bookcases.  Whether your room requires more storage space to control unwanted clutter, a decorative accent to spice up an otherwise bland room or a simple combination of art and functionality, a bookcase is a great choice.  Bookcase models range from very basic units to those that add elegance to any room.  With their small footprint, bookcases are able to be used in nearly any room, regardless of the floor space available.  This piece of furniture is simple, yet provides plenty of options to consider.  First and foremost of those options is the construction material.

Contemporary America Vintage Solid Wood Bookcases

Construction Materials

These days, a lot of companies are manufacturing lower-quality bookcases that are made of pressed board.  These units, while they do serve a purpose, do not compare to the quality of solid wood bookcases.  Solid wood construction ensures a much sturdier bookcase than those made of lower quality materials.  This added sturdiness allows for more books (and other items) on each shelf without the fear of shelf bowing or breakage.  Solid wood is also heavier and therefore less likely to fall over as more weight is added to the bookcase (to prevent tipping, safety straps should always be used for tall cabinets, regardless of the construction material).  Lastly, the use of solid wood materials makes the unit more durable over time.  Moving heavy furniture is never fun, but knowing that your bookcase will last for years to come makes it all worth it.

Solid Wood Bookcases With Doors Overview

Finish Options

Another consideration when buying a bookcase is the finish.  While people generally think of furniture as being finished (painted or varnished), there is another option that is not explored as often.  Bookcases are no exception.  Unfinished solid wood bookcases are definitely a product to consider.  While these units will require a little more up front work to paint or stain and varnish them, the payoff will come in the form a piece of furniture that matches your decor perfectly.  Using this approach guarantees that you own a quality piece of furniture that never seems out of place in your home.

Unfinished Solid Wood Bookcases

Bookcase Door Options

Because of the versatility of bookcases, the function they are meant to serve will change depending on the intended use.  Some people buy bookcases only to store books.  Others buy bookcases to store books as well as other papers and other miscellaneous items.  If you fall into the latter category, you may want to investigate solid wood bookcases with doors.  This configuration allows you to store the books that you have in plain sight while using the storage area behind the doors for those items that don’t provide the visual appeal that books do.  Closed storage is always great to have as a clutter prevention tool around the house. For more storage space, you may opt for corner bookshelves.

Antique Solid Wood Bookcases With Glass Doors

Other great options to add a touch of class to a room are solid wood bookcases with glass doors.  These types of books cases look fantastic in rooms where you want something more than just a plain bookcase.

These are just a few of the options that you have when shopping for solid wood bookcases.  If you are looking for the perfect piece of furniture for that room that “just needs something else”, then look no further.  Check out the many bookcase options today also check out the revolving bookcase!